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Yoga Essentials Kit

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Yoga Essentials is a convenient Try Me Kit. A simple, harmonious way to sample products specifically designed to help enhance your daily yoga experience.

Set Includes:

  • Calm Oil (0.35 oz.): A relaxing experience to calm the scenes and hydrate the hands and body
  • Balancing Lotion (2 oz.): A perfect skin hydration for non-oily extremely soft skin
  • Yoga Mat Sani Spray Cleanser (2 oz.): Specifically formulated to cleanse, condition, and care for yoga mats
How to Use:
  • Yoga Mat Cleaner: Spray on your mat and yoga equipment prior to and after your workouts
  • Calm Hand + Body Oil: Apply a few drops to hands and massage into hands and body
  • Balancing Lotion: Apply 1-2 pumps per use. Great for use during massage, personal use, yoga classes, or as a calming moment of “Ahhh” in the middle of the day