by Rosie Jane

Rollerball Fragrance Oils

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A clean fragrance collection by Rosie James.   Hand mixed in Los Angeles using essential oils, absolutes, nature identicals + fragrance oils.  Choose from James, Leila Lou, and Rosie.  For cool humans.

Size: 5 ml blended with fragrance free organic coconut oil and housed in the purse friendly roller ball. made without parabens, phthalates, BHT, hormone interrupters or nasties.

Fragrance Notes:

Leila Lou is Inspired by the classics and fields of flowers Pear, Jasmine, Fresh cut grass FEELS LIKE: your favorite pair pf blue jeans and white tee. sexy and casual. 

Rosie is inspired by meditation and clean skin. notes: nude musk + a dash of rose FEELS LIKE: sleeping in your birthday suit. sheer and relaxed.

James is inspired by the last days of summer, as the cooler nights roll in. fig, amber, and gardenia. FEELS LIKE: Standing on the porch during a rain storm. Fresh and Earthy

Dylan It combines the soft woody notes of cedar, the spiciness of frankincense with a base of white musk to create the ultimate unisex scent.

Dulce  inspired by the good times, innocence and the sweeter things in life with notes of vanilla, hinoki wood, nude musk.  FEELS LIKE: long kisses, mixtapes & sweet dreams.