Mer Sea

Sandbag Glass Candle

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The Sandbag Candle in washed block-print patterns—playful designs coordinating with scent-specific colorways. Our classic 7 oz. candles are poured in sheer white glass vessels that can be repurposed as beautiful votive candle holders. Candles are thoughtfully packaged in reusable canvas bags, perfect for collecting seashells and treasures.Our signature, uplifting gift tag and a pack of matches make the Sandbag candle a perfect gift.  A surprise inside....a small book of matches!

Fog - The cool mist drifts and settles in-be ready to surrender to the calm.  Smelling of salt and dewy waves, the ozonic notes of this mysterious scent will envelop you in cozy comfort.

Saltaire - The healing power of rich salt air, restoring the soul.  Drawing from the elements of life outdoors, this mineral scent celebrates the alluring rhythm of the sea.

Voyager - Life on the high seas -- with an endless horizon and deep blue water.  Strong aquatic notes with a pepper punch -- for those with the spirit of adventure, this scent is sailor fresh.