Bath Bomb by Mixture

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Drop one into warm running bath water and watch it explode into pure pleasure. Lay back & soak up its magical power as it effervescently dissolves releasing shea butter, jojoba oil, therapeutic oils and Lavish fragrance. Sometimes these are best not used alone! Heaven in a Ball!  Choose your flavor below.

8oz. bath bomb can be used multiple times

Lauren's Lavender No. 4: Close your eyes and envision miles of purple fields. Rich and enticing. Calm & Ease

Grapefruit Sweet Vanilla No. 28:  Strong ruby red grapefruit followed by bergamot, orange, and key lime. A hint of jasmine on the finish. Succulent

Rosemary Mint No. 67:  An awesome combination of garden favorites. An invigorating blend of rosemary, sweet spearmint, and robust peppermint. Attention Getting