Mixture 8 oz. Body Lotion

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 If you have been waiting to quench that thirsty skin, wait no more!  Just like the seasons, our skin is always changing.  This moisture rich lotion is packed with loads of shea butter, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, essential oils and much more to leave your skin soft, supple & very happy!

Available in the following fragrances:

Blanc De Noir No 18This complex blend is packed with lemon zest, apple blossom, white strawberry, Anjou pear, and white nectarine.

Cashmere No 27: Spicy floral as found in an oriental garden. Strong jasmine, rose, and tuberose followed by orange, black pepper, and musk.

Grapefruit & Sweet Vanilla No 28: Strong ruby red grapefruit followed by bergamot, orange, and key lime. A hint of jasmine on the finish.

Salt & Sage No 5:  Top notes of sea air, salt, and mineral textures of sand and stone. Driftwood, seaweed, and strong sage.

Made in USA.